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Updated: May 20, 2022

Baby Registry can be very overwhelming for first-time moms. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was confused about what item I should purchase for baby daughter and what she needs in the first year of her life. I did much research, viewed numerous Youtube videos, and enhanced my knowledge in this field. As a first time mother, I was so excited to purchase all the available products. There are numerous items accessible in the market with different designs and functions. Without a doubt, It is very challenging to pick the best one that suits your demands.

I chose not to register at any of the baby stores because amazon offers many affordable prices compare to the store. Furthermore, I gained lots of weight, and with my big belly, it was much easier for me to purchase everything online just with one click. Shopping is difficult & challenging with this pandemic going on, especially for high-risk people, kids, and pregnant moms. It's better to be cautious to avoid any uninvited situations.

I decided to make a registry on Amazon.

Amazon has successfully captured my attention. I've always had a great experience with their service. Prime Membership is an excellent bonus for the postpartum phase when you need to buy things and not able to go to the store. Amazon usually offers the lowest price, and have reviews on most of their products, not to mention their one day or two-day shipping is magical.

With that said, here is my list of baby items I purchased for my daughter. I have linked available items on Amazon.

I included all the products based on Amazon sub-categories. The products that I linked are all items personally purchased through my registry


Click on the Link name of the Products & you can add the items to your registry list directly

  1. BABY OINTMENT: Aquaphor Healing Ointment is a miracle product for our baby dry skin. Her pediatrician recommended this cream as a skin-protecting layer since she had eczema and dry skin.

  2. WASH CLOTH: Bamboo Wash Cloth These washcloths are so soft! I won’t use any others on her face. They didn't get rough after get washed for couple times which is a bonus!

  3. Baby Eczema Relief: Eucerin Eczema Relief is truly stunning & I absolutely love this product. It seems to be the only lotion that really makes my baby girl's dry eczema skin moisturized and healed.

  4. Baby Shampoo & Body Wash: Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture is a must-have! The baby girl pediatrician recommended this shampoo for her. I must say It's rich in moisture which makes baby skin very soft. We are using it for a long time and I love the smell of it.

  5. CRADLE CAP BRUSH: Frida Baby Silicone Brush is Great for cradle cap and our baby girl loves it. In addition, I use this brush for combing the baby's hair after the bath. I really love Frida Baby Products.

  6. BABY BATHTUB: SKIP HOP Bath Tub is one of the best purchases I made for baby girl. I have no complaints and Baby and I really love it. We have used it since birth and you can continue using it when the baby weight will be 25 LB.

  7. BABY BATH THERMOMETER: This duck bath thermometer is great. When the water is too cold for the baby the light will turn green and when it's too hot it will turn red. It's very easy and convenient to control the temperature.

  8. BABY BATH RINSE CUP: SKIP HOP BABY RINSE CUP keeps water out of baby eyes. It has a yellow rubber part that fits the top of the forehead and then water is held out of their eyes as their hair is rinsed. Also, It holds a lot of water so you can rinse the baby head just one time.

To Purchase Items Click on The Links Below

  1. WIPE WARMER : Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

This product is Awesome! It's much easier to clean baby bottom with warmer wipes & also I have to tell you a secret: babies hate cold wipe and they will cry every time you change their diaper. For me this product worked and we still use it . The only thing is that Keep the lid down otherwise the warm will escape.