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Lemon Themed 1st Tooth Party

Updated: May 20, 2022

When life gives you a lemon, throw a lemonade party.

Have you ever thought of throwing a lemon theme party?

Well, If I could do it, anyone can do it!

Let me tell you all about it, I was so excited about Eva's first tooth, and I decided to throw a big party to celebrate this significant milestone. Still, since I didn't have any help around me, it was overwhelming to plan everything by myself, but I believed in myself and didn't fail.

It is ubiquitous in many cultures to have a big celebration when a baby's first tooth breaks through the gums. This celebration is a cultural tradition, and the mother should prepare a wheat dish at the sign of the baby's first tooth. Parents invite relatives and friends to participate in the celebration.

Eva had her first tooth when she was eight months, and I wanted to do something special for her. I managed to plan a lemon theme party in a couple of weeks. I got inspired by the cutest party ideas on Pinterest. I designed all the details and purchased all the necessary items weeks before.

I'll give you guys some ideas about what we did for the theme, decoration, cookies, etc., plus some juicy lemon pictures.


My Graceful Lemonade bar


What did I serve for food:

Party was held from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and I was supposed to serve lunch. The tooth party's signature dish is Ashe-Jo, a thick soup made of barley, lentils, chickpeas, and beans. The other ingredients in this soup are parsley, cilantro, and leeks. Some people add some meat to the stew, but you can cook it in a vegetarian style without any added meat.

You can add crispy onions as a decoration for a crisper taste of Ash.

The other dish that I served was gheimeh, a Persian stew consisting of split peas, red meat, tomato paste, onion, and dried lime. The stew garnished with saffron and turmeric flavored and served with rice.


How to create a charcuterie board?

I had a quick trip to Trader Joe's for the cheeseboard, and I got everything there for my simple charcuterie board. Their nut & dried fruit are an excellent choice for this purpose, plus they have such a great variety of cheeses & crackers.

Your guests will love the delicious variety of cheeses, meats, and snacks this simple board offers.

It would help if you had a large wooden board to hold all your yummy & elegant goodies. I have this round wooden board from Tjmaxx that I use for all of my charcuterie plates, and the size and round shape works for me.

Here are some of my favorite

It would be best if you had these ingredients to create a lovely charcuterie board:

  • Soft Cheese: mozzarella or brie

  • Mild Cheese: Gouda

  • Firm Cheese: Cheddar

  • various meats/deli

  • dried fruits

  • dark chocolate

  • nuts: cashew, pistachio, walnut

  • crackers

  • Olives

  • Veggies

  • Hummus

  • mini candle for decoration


Is it a party without cookies?

Look at these beautiful cookies! I loved them.

My favorite part of the entire party was these yummy cookies.

I asked for the lemon theme cookies, and I suggested some lemon inspiration theme photos that I found on Pinterest, and as you can see, the baker created fabulous cookies. They were cute and delicious and exactly how I envisioned them.


I want to give you some instructions on how to prepare a fabulous party.

How to throw a lemon themed party :

Three weeks prior :

  • Order cake and any other treats such as cookies, cake pops, etc. for the party

Two weeks prior :

  • Purchase balloons, decoration, and serving ware

  • purchase all the necessary lemonade bar items such as a lemonade pitcher

one week prior :

  • purchase all grocery items for food preparation

Day of :

  • Create lemon balloons garland and decorate the table

  • arrange flowers

  • Pour lemonade into lemonade pitcher & garnish lemonade bar with fresh lemon

  • Layout your cake 30 minutes before the party

You can buy similar lemon party items here with a simple click.