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How to Throw The Cutest Christmas Cookie Decorating Party for Kids

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

I wanted to throw a Christmas cookie decorating party for E. I love to cherish all the moments we share. Because time flies and children grow up so fast and I don't want to miss a thing.

I think there is endless time to live but, we never know which moment is last. So I share, care, love, and celebrate every second of life.

I am an oriented person. I usually organize any future events weeks ahead.

I purchased some of my supplies on the Black Friday clearance. And, I found some great decoration and serving ware deals from party darling shop.

I just ran to Target store, and grabbed some balloons in shades of pink and mint. Also bought a small Christmas tree and I strung some lights on it. I decided to buy the X MAS party garland at the party darling shop to spice everything up,

E was so excited about this party. We enjoyed decorating cookies and dancing with each other very much. she asked me to uninstall the garland so she can play with the balloons. Our time was so enjoyable and pleasant. I took many pictures and videos to capture these beautiful holiday memories. I can boost my mood by looking back at them later.

I want to give you some instructions on how to prepare a fabulous party.

How to Throw Christmas Cookie Decorating Party :

Three weeks prior :

  • Order your treats such as cupcake, cookies, cake pops, etc. for the party

  • prepare your recipe and all the baking supplies and ingredients in order to bake your own cookies.

  • you can order cookie decorating kit at local store or online. (I've got mine @Target)

  • order icing , sprinkles and decorating candies.

Two weeks prior :

  • Purchase balloons, decoration, and serving ware (paper plate, cupcake topper, utensils, napkin)

  • if you want to DIY any project for the party, make sure to start it weeks earlier

  • purchase Christmas outfits for the family or Cute Christmas jammies

one week prior :

  • make sure that you received all the items that you've ordered online.

  • Make sure that you purchased all the needed supplies for the party.

Day of :

  • Create balloons garland and decorate the table

  • arrange flowers

  • Layout your cup cake 30 minutes before the party


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