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How To Throw The Cutest Easter Tea Party For Kids

Updated: May 20, 2022

Is there anything lovelier or more appealing than springtime? Of course, not!

Spring is around here, and I couldn't wait to greet this glorious season. In fact, what is the more enjoyable way to celebrate and admire the new season than a beautiful Easter ParTea?

If you were following my posts, you already know that I love hosting kids parties! our Christmas Cookie Decorating Party, Lemon Themed Tooth Party, Kids Halloween Party, and Swan Themed 1st Birthday Party are some of my favorites! Make sure to check them out if you are a party-addicted mama.

How to Style a Kid's Easter Table?

Have you ever wonder how to style a kid's Easter table? In this blog, I show you just how to get that awsome look for your kid's table!

I purchased most of my supplies from HomeGoods and Tjmaxx, and some of them you can order from Amazon, which makes them easily accessible. If you love holiday paper decor supplies, you can easily find Meri Meri products discounted at Tjmax.

Daisy Balloons

I wanted to create something pretty for the party, so I made these adorable balloon daisies. With this pandemic going on, we surely need some extra happiness in our lives right now, and what can be better than these beautiful daisies solely made out of balloons.

And I think they turned out so cute.

Daisy balloons make the perfect backdrop for a spring party. Make the most out of them and level up your party by adding them to your creation.

Felt Cake with Floral Cake Topper