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Updated: May 20, 2022

Stockings are such a magical part of the Christmas season. So if you need some stocking stuffer inspiration, I’ve rounded up a couple of adorable ideas for your toddler.

And I am going to share what I want to put in my baby girl stockings as well.

Her Stocking is from Pottery Barn Kids. And, I purchased it through the Black Friday Sale for %50 off. Isn't it awesome?

This Blog Post is not sponsored or affiliated.

To find all the items fast and easy, I'll include all the website links that I've purchased my pieces.

1. Anthropologie Lelelerele Dolls

The perfect accessory for my girl's room. They are very cute and soft

2. Little French Rag Mermaid Dolls, Set of 2

These mermaids are adorable. They aren't suitable for babies,

because they are delicate. However, I love them for kid's room décor.

To Purchase Items Click on The Links Below

  1. Bow Barette from Janieandjack

  2. Rose Sheer Socks from Janieandjack

To Purchase Items Click on The Links Below

  1. Baby Plaid Matching Set from JanieandJack

  2. BlackBallet shoes from H&M

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this blog!

be sure to check out my fellow Bloggers Stocking Stuffers DIY Projects below as well as their Instagram!

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